The team defeated Yorrack the Strong, taking him prisoner, along with one of his henchmen spellcasters and a bandit man-st-arms. They also met a ‘being’ with a slug tail instead of legs and an extra set of arms. This being sounded intelligent and tried to verbally pass itself off as a demon from the abyss. Torvold the Other expressed immediate doubts about this claim. After a bried discussion with this so-called demon he laid the entire plot for the horrific mutations at Yorrack’s feat, claiming the Bandit chief was responsible for everything. Then he escaped through a secret door, covering his retreat with a batch of Chaos Glorp, constructed of the remains of humans who appear to have been in the final stages of Troll Blood Fever.

A few moments of questioning Yorrack (who the ‘demon’ did not appear to know had been taken alive btw…), showed a different tale. According to Yorrack, the ‘being’ was once a human wizard named Caleus Wetiqor. It was Caleus’ idea for the raids. He needed money and supplies for his experiements. It was also Caleus that performed the experiments – trying to perfect the process to turn himself into the ‘demon’ he has become. He completed the process on himself over a month ago and since then Yorrack and his men have been in fear of him. It was Caleus that was the real leader of everything…..

Caleus, to cover his escape even further, left a note for the team to find, which said the Troll Blood Fever was caused by mixing the two fungui used to create light in the caves and breathing in the fumes they give off. Yorack and his men (both living and dead) have contracted the fever. According to them, Caleus was giving them an antidote. They have a little on them and Kane can tell it’s different from the cure Torquin had in his notes. Someone made it without using Troll Blood as its base product, so it’s more of a blocker than a cure. Anyone taking it will cease the advance of the disease, but it will not cure it.

So the team has a few things to work out:

1. Caleus has gotten away. Whether he is a demon or not – Is the team going to find him?
2. The Otyughs are (hopefully) still in Torquin’s cave system. Eventually they are going to get hungry and leave the caves in search of food…. and there is a great deal of sheep, shepherds, farms, and farmers in the surrounding countryside.
3. The team still does not know how the bandits (Caleus or Yorrack) were getting tips on the caravans from Bellingthorne of the Township of The Weeping River. Finding this out will take a visit to one of maybe both of these places to investigate. Granted, it’s not as important now, but a bandit intelligence network only needs a bandit crew to be back in business……
4. If Caleus was responsible for the fever and the mutation constructs, he must have needed a lab or ritual chamber. The team has not found anything like that. Questioning Yorrak and his men cast no light on the whereabouts. They never saw him perform whatever rituals created the terrors. So where is the lab?
5. The Town of Bellinthorne, the Salt Mine Caves, and the Outpost are all growing in population… and in refuse and waste products. The team knows where a Gelatinous Cube is living in the moors to the west. Gelatinous Cubes can be handy… and multiply by being divided and then fed so they grow…
6. The Outpost is out of Troll Blood, and now that the team knows the cause of the fever and can stop it, there are still people who have contracted the disease and may die from it if not cured.

So there are six different options the team can take, and I have preparations for all of them. However we’re only playing for one more night so there’s no expectation to get them all done. Is there any particular item or interest you guys have for what you’d like to close out or leave behind? What’s the legacy the Thorne Guard wants to leave behind for this adventure?

Oh… and are you going to get Tprvold any slaves?