Captain Nathan Faringray

Captain of The Keep, 6-7miles south f the Salt Mine Caves


Captain Nathan Faringray is a human male in his mid-twenties, from a wealthy family. He was granted a commission in the Imperial Army and given a command that was supposed to an out-of-the-way, peaceful waypost between the Town of Bellinthorne and the Town of t=The Weeping River.

Shorty after his placement however, The Emperor summarily dismissed the Regional Imperial Magistrate and promoted one of his subordinates, Alaric the Priest, the local Imperial Magistrate of Bellinthorne, to the position. Shortly after that the trade traffic between the two towns increased exponentially, and shortly after that bandits started attacking te caravans.

Captain Faringray was completely understaffed and unprepared for such activity, though he is trying his best…..


Captain Nathan Faringray

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