Selas the Light Seer

The Monk with the Crystal Eye


The Being only graces a particular plane once in an incalculable amount of time, Ages beyond measure. This Being is a force of unimaginable good, and promises the denizens of the age a bountiful reward. It begins its tenure on a plane at the most nascent levels of its power, only able to affect reality in trivial, almost meaningless ways. It’s stewardship is of the utmost importance, and as such it is the duty of The Order to herald its cause.

Groomed from a young age at a remote monastery it was decided that amongst the many neophytes eligible it was Selas that was the most selflessly good, and so became the Light Seer. His right eye was ritually removed and replaced with a crystal containing The Being, and it is Selas’ duty to be its chaperon through this perilous world, and afford it all the experiences necessary for The Being to know how best to help the people of this age.


Selas the Light Seer

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